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I created this page to build a community of people who want to breakout of and heal their generational trauma. From my own healing, I have found that all of the answers are within me and I was able to learn much of this from working with amazing mentors who have taught me to be open minded to things much bigger than myself, as well as connecting to a higher power. That has been the number one reason I have felt much spiritual growth. Seeing how others with the same mindset move in the world has been truly inspiring and I aspire to do the same for others.


Once I realized that I can have the life I want by working on and getting to know my true internal self, everything began to change for me. I want to connect to others, by sharing knowledge and connecting them to their authentic self in hopes that we can grow together.


This practice aims to help individuals connect to their authentic selves by allowing them to learn their automatic, subconscious patterns and develop their individuality to tap into their soul's purpose.


Self-Love is the best love; we embrace who we are and who we want to become by aligning both aspects. With many outside pressures telling us who we are and what we should be, it’s essential to get to know ourselves better and form grounding techniques to live a life that best serves your unique calling. Sometimes that looks like validating things your heart already knows but has not yet accepted. Life is complicated at times, but paying attention to the cycles you are in helps tremendously in seeing the finish line to particular challenges and hopes for new ventures in the future.


My goal is to help you love yourself and your direction and ultimately lead you to emotional fulfillment while healing generational trauma.


Let’s work and heal together.

Welcome to Dreamscape Healing

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